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About Us

&Nbsp;   charming office furniture factory in Wuxi, Wuxi is located in shengze village industrial park, the company was founded in September 2008, is specialized in the production of office furniture, household furniture and school equipment, hotel furniture products such as large furniture manufacturers.
&Nbsp;   This company to development for purpose, service for fundamental, Wuxi office furniture, and Wuxi office furniture company, and Wuxi office furniture factory, and Wuxi furniture factory, and Wuxi furniture company, and Wuxi desk, and Wuxi Office Chair, and Wuxi Desk screen, and Wuxi desk partition, and Wuxi conference table, and Wuxi file cabinet, and Wuxi class Taiwan, and Wuxi glass whiteboard, and, and, is committed to for customer create comfortable elegant of Office environment for mission, after struggle, Bits of forest products have been widely used in the community, the company with high quality, strong strength has been the industry's trust and praise.
&Nbsp;   company existing plant area 5378 square meters, under wood paint workshop, and screen swivel chair workshop, and fire Board workshop, main production of products has: class Taiwan series, and desk series, and conference table series, and screen series, and seat series, and sofa coffee table series, school with aspects has teachers desk series, and students class chairs series, and apartments bed series, and meal chairs series,, company has employees 130 people, which management professional technicians 25 people, general workers 105 people, Form design, production and marketing, the market of furniture for one-stop service system. Sen bit furniture with itself tireless of efforts, courtesy of social from all walks of life of support and care, made has amazing of performance, has been yilai, company to quality seeking survival, green environmental for mission, from raw materials storage to products out library strictly according to ISO9001-2001 international system certification implementation, this company Yu quality reputation seeking survival, has professional of engineering installation maintenance team, for customer provides convenient, and shortcut, and quality of service. The sale of two-year product warranty, free maintenance for life, long-term supply all the parts within 5 years.