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Furniture installation cabinets

&Nbsp;   Cabinet including: low and high cabinets two and a variety of styles can be customized. Regular file cabinet except back panel with compression plate is 25MM 16MM density boards, doors are generally 16MM. Connections are mainly three-in-one, two in one, self tapping screws, corner. Connection main door is a sliding door pulleys, door hinges, door hinges have bent and half bent in two, were applied to all door and back door.
&Nbsp;   installing cabinets cabinets a problem often there are gaps deformation, door, Cabinet testing, in the case of dimensions and correct, usually because the Cabinet of three-in-one without locking or is caused by the deformation. General furniture factory is outsourcing of plates, time to grasp, just made out of sheet metal are not fully formed, if used immediately may be extruded. Generally need replacing deformation plate can only be resolved, other costs more, if time permits, cases, try not to do so. Deformation of the Cabinet except in the case of another one of the reasons is the irrational structure, lumber span or plates bearing thick enough. Modulation is the important issue of cabinet installation of door, sliding door is relatively simple, after the self tapping screws to lock the pulley, loaded into the track need only debugging inside the pulley screws make high and low balance can. The door is more trouble, door side panels are doors, side door back door. Door side or front slit large problem with hinge with incorrect or no debugging, good self tapping screw is not installed if a repeated use of the same location is fixed, prone to wood and crispy, fixed firmly to the situation. BACK