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American furniture antique furniture and village furniture

&Nbsp;   classic American new European office furniture of European wind instruments linked up with modern energy, continental office furniture appears a colorful appearance. But only a careful taste, can always find some looming \ "classic American traces \": clear average for example Black Walnut wood grain, arc beautiful tapered wood legs, compared to the European-style bed, carved on the four-pole markings has been highly simplified, reduce its width response, but the pad has two layers mattress \ "outstanding \".
&Nbsp;   heard so much more flexible, performance characteristics of American pragmatism with a comfortable career. Classic American new European office furniture solid wood as the main body, metal, glass, new decorative panels, and other modern information began to be widely used, changed European office furniture all \ "wooden era \".
&Nbsp;   classic American style abandoned Baroque and Rococo style pursuit of chic and glitz, establish a new points of view on the basis of European civilization, major, stressed the applicability, in the part of decoration, used mosaic techniques, and decorated with painted BAS.
&Nbsp;   classic American style office furniture common walnut, Maple and mahogany, daub of paint for Office furniture looks dark matte color, crowding out, hopefully, Office furniture is the older, the better. Traditional painting dominated by monochromatic, open Paint, preserving the natural texture of wood and textures, continental office furniture throughout the block painted and gold or another color of decorative articles.
&Nbsp;   office furniture in classic American villages seem to be natural fit for nostalgia, it was a natural, classic and broke the old mark, seems to be able to turn back time, slowed down his career.
&Nbsp;   village style colour with natural color, especially with a gently yellowed white as the representative. Fabric is the main element in the classic American style of the village, the nature of cotton is the main fabric village style and natural sense of well coordinated.

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