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Teach you how to maintain the plastic furniture series

&Nbsp;   the first. Please do not place your furniture in direct sunlight, and moisture, so as to avoid heat cracks, and furniture rot caused by moisture;
&Nbsp;   II. remember not to use alcohol to clean the stain;
&Nbsp;   third. wipe the furniture with fresh milk, you can make furniture more glossy and moist;
&Nbsp;   fourth. If on Office furniture are not careful to say below a stain, you can follow the following method that is appropriate for, processed:
&Nbsp;   grease stains: wipe with warm soapy water, and then erase with an eraser;
&Nbsp;   ballpoint pen oils: directly with the eraser to wipe away
&Nbsp;   beer, soda, coffee: first wipe with warm water, then wipe with clean water;
&Nbsp;   chewing gum: to make chewing gum with ice freezing, froze it after dry and hard, can be directly removed;
&Nbsp;   cream: dry with a dry cloth, and then wipe clean with a little detergent. BACK