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Office furniture space configuration issues

&Nbsp;  , a company environment design, in fact, is the process of building the company's image, so our office environments should also be designed as one of the company's image problems.
&Nbsp;   i. combination of rough and fine
&Nbsp;   rough--space dividers, no fine walls, wall panels when cut off, just do simple segmentation in a certain space, open Office environment; fine--each in a small space, delicate exquisite office furniture, ergonomic, and has some beautiful.
&Nbsp;   II. simple and generous combination of
&Nbsp;   simple--office furniture design is simple, clear and plain practical; generous--too little space decorated with simple, cold feeling, so adding some other styles of furniture will increase the Customs office environment.
&Nbsp;   III. humanization and forms of work with
&Nbsp;   human--like some curve of conference table, in such of table Shang meeting, no has grade Zhijian of gap sense, provides has face-to-face exchange of form, also can create a easily of Exchange environment; work form--some work is about team cooperation of, that some arc of desk, open type of furniture on more right these workers, improve has each other Zhijian of close degrees, also can increased each other around Zhijian of Exchange.
&Nbsp;   v. rigor and dramatic on the base
&Nbsp;  --mainly to rigorous management products with color style should be applied to each Office environment; dramatic--such as the angle of reception area dotted with a sense of humor, make visitors feel warm, natural, together with comfortable sofas. You can also add some humor in the Office furniture, constitute a dramatic space, full of human touch.
&Nbsp;   v. stylization and innovation combined with
&Nbsp;   program-a common practice in private office is generally consists of furniture two functional areas. A set of bookcases, a relatively high chair, a big surprise Executive desk, across the two visitor chairs which innovation – free and easy environment, leisure sofa, a curved glass table, floor to ceiling Windows. Talk to create a relaxed and comfortable office space.
&Nbsp;   v. visualization combined with the facilities of the
&Nbsp;   Visual of--some Office environment will caused staff mood of changes, so to design in the not only need using Visual environment design to ease, not single of white wall surface, black frames; facilities of--appropriate to Office added some can action of furniture, has has angry of furniture on employees for on no longer is a monotone of items, but has value of belongs to himself of part. BACK