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Cabinets categories

&Nbsp;   Cabinet is for companies to store folders, Office supplies, factory parts arrangement and placement of the Cabinet. Classified according to the color transparent and has the color class, classified according to the overall category with and without, if the material can be divided into the following categories:
&Nbsp;   1, wooden file cabinets.
&Nbsp;   wood file cabinet both variety and quality of materials prices are different, more trouble to purchase. Wood file cabinet is purely real unaccounted pools were imitation wood in two ways. Pure solid wood furniture to identify when, in front and back of the surface has a corresponding or scarring the wood grain, high solid wood furniture is mainly used rosewood, rosewood, wings of wood. Wooden cabinet doors and drawers should be clean, white, close the detail, texture, clarity, no pungent smell.
&Nbsp;   2, plastic file cabinets.
&Nbsp;   cost-effective plastic cabinets, beautiful shape, suitable for companies storing small items such as folders, plastic raw materials and ingredients are resin. Much of plastic raw materials are extracted from oil, the most familiar part of PC material is extracted from petroleum and PC material in there is a smell of gasoline when burned; ABS is extracted from coal, ABS will burn out was soot-like; POM is extracted from natural gas, POM will burn there is a smell of very smelly gas.
&Nbsp;   3, steel file cabinets.
&Nbsp;   steel file cabinet of iron and steel, iron rust, steel file cabinets are most popular, green steel file cabinets, convenient for long-distance hauling. BACK