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Office furniture in a variety of different methods of moisture-proof

&Nbsp;   • wood furniture: wood furniture and damp-proof point is maintaining its gloss, can be protected with a special cleaning agent or wax evenly on the surface of the furniture, and wipe gently.
&Nbsp;   • artificial Board furniture: If the edges or exposed to moisture, it is easy to absorb water, causing expansion or damaged furniture, therefore, artificial Board furniture began to use waterproofing measures easily absorb a part of the water with a layer of waterproof mats or closure.
&Nbsp;   • leather furniture: leather furniture, leather and damp chill will harden, in some corners of the surface prone to mold, and even some deformation after moisture or fading of furniture. After dust removal, mold removal, should be rubbed leather special mink oil, leather oils, leather sofa below which you can put some desiccant to dry.
&Nbsp;   • fabric furniture: furniture fabric moisture, use specialized vacuum cleaner sucked clean of dust on the surface of it, in the "South", available wind down hot air sofa, helps remove moisture in the sofa.
&Nbsp;   • metal furniture: this type of furniture on damp days best wipe with a dry cloth if there is corrosion, used a dish cloth or toothbrush dipped sweep off the rust, then Polish with a dry cloth. BACK