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Buy green furniture problems of

&Nbsp;   purchase environmental plate furniture of when must to see plate of color, selected himself like of popular color, also to carefully see production process, including seal side, furniture of structure whether reasonable, using of hardware pieces main focuses on durable coefficient, General imports of hardware pieces using life are is 100,000 times, equivalent to 20 years; also to see, and smell, environmental furniture should no irritation of taste, not stimulus eyes, and nose, and throat, smell main is for formaldehyde release volume and to of, Eco-friendly furniture low formaldehyde content, the more the better, but in ensuring the strength and the lower the better.
&Nbsp;   1, Panel furniture veneer
&Nbsp;   identification plate is paper veneer or veneer for furniture, this is difficult. The easiest method is to observe the pattern, veneer with natural knots and changes of color and texture.
&Nbsp;   2, Panel furniture edge banding
&Nbsp;   pay attention to the edge, and pay attention to incomplete and tilted edge ever. Special attention is, it is not a side edge is formaldehyde-free adhesive for-though, but Panel in the process of making more or less volatile gases, edge close, are good for indoor environmental, of course.
&Nbsp;   3, solid
&Nbsp;   is the clearance of furniture doors and drawer joints, cracks, description of rough work, long time deformation; second, Dan Baoxiang or double bags, usually, apart from outside to outside of floor plate, furniture should also be affixed with a layers panel, called double-pack box, double-box furniture is both beautiful and strong.
&Nbsp;   paint streaks? Corner paint paint too thick? Do you have cracks or bubble? These are to be examined for, need to ask a salesperson, some paint on the furniture is, of course, the more the better on.
&Nbsp;   5, Panel furniture hinge slot
&Nbsp;   from the hinge slots and drill plate furniture wood is medium density or Particleboard, the best approach is to carefully observe the hinge slots and holes, exposed the internal structure of the place, you can see is Particleboard or MDF.
&Nbsp;   6, furniture hardware
&Nbsp;   hardware use, can be switched at random furniture biggest advantage is, the connection is related to the quality and the quality of the furniture, furniture imports expensive on these details to your. BACK