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How to maintain a hard wood office furniture

&Nbsp;   everyone renovation good himself of company Hou, General are is put last one week or one months, only began Office, for of is let Office space of formaldehyde distributed completely, but Dang we staying Shi, some cortex office furniture of taste and will troubled with we, really of is is uncomfortable, today I on for this problem to everyone told told how how fast elimination cortex office furniture of smell.
&Nbsp;   first of all we must maintain Office space ventilation and ventilation, don't always kaipai wind system, only a good circulation of air is very good we can to deal with the smell, ventilation, of course this is one of the most basic steps, and most important step, if you do not do this step and the following steps are difficult.
&Nbsp;   good digression, usually these smell was leather gives off, we should start from here, we can in these Office furniture leather topped some tea, which could well absorb the smell, bubble tea can also be sprinkled on top, it is good practice.
&Nbsp;   in indoor we can put some lemon, pineapple, Orange skin,, grapefruit skin, put in indoor of some corner or put in cortex office furniture of next, because these fruit can has except smelly of is good of effect, especially grapefruit skin like cotton as of more hole activity material, these small hole inside of activity material can and air contact of surface area is big, so surface adsorption capacity is strong, can adsorption smell. BACK