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Office furniture maintenance

&Nbsp;   1, ten attention of hardwood furniture and maintenance
&Nbsp;   hardwood furniture, including PEAR, sandalwood, mahogany, chicken-wing wood, pear, etc, if you use a reasonable protection, in principle, can be passed from generation to generation and long-term use, maintenance methods are:
&Nbsp;   hardwood furniture, now there are two, traditional hardwood furniture surfaces without paint, hot wax. New production of hardwood furniture with lacquer or varnish to protect the surface. Hardwood furniture and maintenance of the different methods in different ways.
&Nbsp;   second, the water inside the hardwood, hardwood furniture will contract when the air humidity is too low, too high swells. General hardwoods furniture production rising shrink, but should pay attention to when using put, don't get too wet or too dry places, such as stove heating high-temperature heat, or too humid places such as basements, so as to avoid mildew and dry.
&Nbsp;   third, if flat low-lying House, wet ground must be properly padded furniture legs or leg easily corroded by moisture.
&Nbsp;   four, light when handling or moving the furniture should be moved with care, not trying to pull and drag to avoid damaging the Tenon. Tables and chairs class cannot be cylinder, easy to fall off, from both the table and chairs hand lift, best remove the cabinet doors can reduce weight, while avoiding doors activity. Particularly heavy furniture needs to be moved, use a soft cord put into furniture under chassis lift moved again.
&Nbsp;   five items, furniture surface to avoid placing too heavy for a long time, especially TV, fish tank, will distort the furniture. Should not be covered airtight material like plastic sheeting on the desktop.
&Nbsp;   six, room floor uneven, long time leads to deformation of office furniture to avoid approaches is to use small wood mat.
&Nbsp;   seven, never use a wet cloth or rough cloth to wipe clean the hardwood furniture, especially old furniture. With a clean soft cotton cloth, over a period of time and then add a little furniture wax or walnut oil, gently wipe back and forth along the wood grain.
&Nbsp;   BA, furniture surface with hard object rubbing should be avoided, so as not to damage the paint and wood surface textures, such as caution when placing porcelain, bronzes and other decorative items, it is best to pad a soft cloth.
&Nbsp;  , to avoid putting furniture in front of the big glass windows facing South, long-term direct rays of the Sun makes the furniture is too dry will fade.
&Nbsp;   10, hot cups and cannot be placed directly on the surface of the furniture, leaving easy removal without a trace. Colored liquids, such as the ink you want to absolutely avoid scattered on your desktop.
&Nbsp;   2, furniture care spray wax cannot be used to clean and repair leather
&Nbsp;   lots of furniture care spray wax manual says can be used to maintain the leather sofa, many housewives made a mistake. Furniture store clerk knows, furniture care spray wood furniture wax can be used to spray the surface cannot be sprayed on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa is actually animal skin, once the spray wax spray on it, it can result in clogged pores of the leather, over time, leather aging and shorten its service life.
&Nbsp;   in addition, some people in order to make furniture look more shiny, apply some wax products directly on the furniture, or improper use, but will make furniture the surface of the fog-like markings.
&Nbsp;   | 3, Office furniture wood furniture maintenance tips
&Nbsp;   wood is a natural material, has been made into furniture, but do not lose characteristics of living plant. Wood furniture's exclusive permeable and absorbent, easy material depending on ambient temperature variations. Many consumers have wood furniture, always in the fresh beginning of dry wood furniture cleaning wipes, a long period of time also bother. In fact, want furniture to cover such as a new, long-term use, the usual cleaning and maintenance work must be done, or in the event of injury, that can be a big problem. However, note the following principle, wood furniture and maintenance work can be done both easy and simple.
&Nbsp;  , pay attention to furnishings wood furniture and placed next to the dehumidifier should be avoided, as well as exposure to the Sun.
&Nbsp;   II, avoiding the liquid surface if the surface of the wood furniture is not special treatment, then the long presence of water, alcohol and other liquid furniture will leave white marks. So when the furniture surfaces when there is liquid remaining, must be wiped dry immediately. BACK