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Furniture exports to be "both hands, both hands hard"

&Nbsp;   starting from 2008, the international economic situation seemed less stable, 2008 just after that, a little more stable 2011 economic crisis again, the macro-economic situation of the various trades and influence should not be underestimated. Take for instance the furniture industry before 2008 do the export furniture industry almost never set foot in the domestic market, because export alone has done one, and make money easily and quickly to a single processing model, although it does not have its own brands and channels, but there are many processed "predators" became rich. But after 2008, those once-unlimited export furniture business is facing new and unprecedented challenges, in the face of declining orders, they have to start thinking about a strategic shift to sights on the domestic market.
&Nbsp;   for those accustomed to foreign markets of furniture enterprises, how to do the domestic market? I think the first thing to do is build up your perfect domestic channels, specific practices are the following:
&Nbsp;   is a business channel
&Nbsp;   direct mode requires Enterprise system has a huge talent and financial strength to achieve accurate management. At present, domestic consumers ' increasing demand for the furniture, personalized, and businesses under a single category are small and numerous small orders. This led businesses are required to produce a wide variety of furniture, which put forward higher requirements for delivery, often mistakes a bedside table will cause the entire order could not be delivered. But businesses do direct marketing channels, processing orders more quickly. Because domestic form is characterized by small, not as single products as export production.
&Nbsp;   second
&Nbsp;   This pattern is that you can with the power Distributor, rapidly spread sales network throughout the country, which is currently the most domestic enterprises take the channel mode. This model has certain requirements for dealers, enterprises require business philosophy consistent with the concept of enterprise development. Moreover, the enterprise must scramble for some many years of sales experience, have more mature consumer resource and industry resources in the local dealers, so that strong competitiveness. However, these mature distributors in the industry-climbing touch beating over the years, their product selection is very strict. BACK