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Office furniture with wax and put on a damp-proof clothing

&Nbsp;   correctly using the new office furniture Polish you can make more luster, can also make old furniture to restore luster. But if the Polish way, not only will not produce good results, it will also affect the appearance of the furniture. So we in the furniture before waxing, should pay attention to some problems, we'll briefly explain the following.
&Nbsp;   first, before the Polish, first check that the surface of the paint film is intact. If there is no damage, then first wipe clean surface dust, and difficult to remove stains, clean off with a cloth dipped in a small amount of gasoline or alcohol and then gently with a small piece of cotton the right amount of wax coated open; and finally a big blocking some dry cloth to wipe the wax evenly.
&Nbsp;   here we should note that if the wax too much, not only will leave streaks and spots, affecting the gloss and appearance, serious as time gets longer and will soften the paint layer, and difficult to remove. So we must pay attention to when in operation dose! BACK