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Office furniture-living trend

&Nbsp;   office furniture focus on "humanity" claim
&Nbsp;   for learning about modern office furniture trends, the reporter visited the city several professional office furniture store. Office furniture sales data show: modern office furniture sales came in first, followed by the traditional office furniture, European furniture. The market structure and are mostly young people in the city of Shenzhen's population structure. But some professionals believe that traditional style office furniture, while sales of smaller, but still has its own fixed consumer groups, still has a large market space in the short term.
&Nbsp;   traditional style office furniture in dark tones, no significant changes in material and style, but there are some subtle changes in the dimensions and details. Reporter observes, the latest Executive desk, desks are the addition of a leather desktop, its advantage lies in the hands in soft places, thereby reducing hard desktops on hand injury. The humanization design of the traditional styles of office furniture has an affinity.
&Nbsp;   compared with traditional style, modern office furniture in colors, styles and materials on the application of ever-changing. Judging from the color, white, black, yellow, blue, red, and almost all colors. Modern office furniture to fashion, the agility style, and fully taking into account the nature of young people needs. Material, glass, metal, very popular, being used in the Office table, Office units, screens and other products. Glass and metal materials using three roles: one is the increase of office furniture fashion, making office furniture look more life; the second is more environmentally friendly than wood office furniture; the third is better recycling and reuse, and conforms to the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.
&Nbsp;   "health" and "environmental protection" and "low carbon" Office furniture fashion, mainly reflected in the materials and designs of products. According to reports, the cause of office furniture environment mainly associated with sheet metal and paint, in order to solve this problem, manufacturers by increasing the glass, metal and other materials and used green paint scheme basically ensures that the furniture to meet environmental protection requirements. BACK