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Various kinds of wood characteristics and origin

&Nbsp;   1. rosewood: luxury wood, native to tropical Asia, Brown and purple. Fine solid, known as the "Redwood", later carved and highly polished wax is Jet-Black, very beautiful. For refinement, and more for high-end crafts and practical arts and crafts.
&Nbsp;   2. Ebony: valuable timber. Produced in China's Hainan Province, the texture is solid, black lines, commonly known as black grain wood. True or false, water down is true, the water does not go down is false. Suitable for exquisite high-end crafts.
&Nbsp;   3. sandalwood: rare imported wood, native to Southeast Asia, sallow, tough, close-grained texture, excellent flavor, suitable for carving various high-end crafts.
&Nbsp;   4. rosewood: valuable timber. Is China's Hainan Island specialty, sapwood pale, slightly loose quality, forest red brown color, hardness, texture and delicate, suitable for carving various high-end crafts and traditional carved furniture.
&Nbsp;   5. teak: valuable timber. Native to Southeast Asia and South China regions, hard, durable wood, the structure slightly, gray has two kinds of waves with straight texture, not easily deformed, highly esthetic, but carving requires high skills. Due to the large teak path are all very grateful, can produce large wood carving.
&Nbsp;   6. Phoebe: rare wood, native to South, fine texture, soft, Brown and green, with a wavy grain gold luster, known as "gold-NaN". Suitable for carving simple generalization and antique pieces, ancient beauty.
&Nbsp;   7. Cedar: produced in China's Yangtze River Valley and the Yangtze River. Yellowish to long dark yellow-brown color. Fine texture, firm, straight but slightly rough and brittle, suitable for carving large rough work.

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