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Desk screen partition introduction

&Nbsp;   screen desk first company press materials: glass, aluminum, glass, wool and linen fabric and fire Board. If classified according to the function: high cut off, desk unit two types.
&Nbsp;   in short, combinations of screen can have: t-, l-, p-, cross, shaped, Wang shape, wave-shaped, triangular, half slope shape. A good design should take into account the spatial layout of screens, Office furniture NET advises Office of economic planning, followed by the multiple changes of, for different types of work for various Combination, can also create stylish, bright colors and patterns to match unique style and image of the company.
&Nbsp;   in addition, screen design to consider a full range of ancillary equipment and features, and perfect alignment to the arrangements, improve work efficiency, Assembly and maintenance of the facilities is a good screen series furniture essential consideration. Common screen height is 900-1800mm with a width of 40-1600mm. Internal aluminum alloy frame, use particle board, its exterior cloth. Screens used mostly grey, beech, white oak, such as the color of green sheet, paired with glass, reflecting different corporate image. Full screen desktop design corner has a number of holes, and reset the socket, bottom wire and anchor plate, all wires can be hidden, BACK