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Italy furniture brand into a credibility crisis

&Nbsp;   in recent years, we find that the "pseudo-Italy" brand was rampant in the country, due to the Italy wanted foreign working bodies across the ocean. July 2010, Italy foreign commercial Committee in Beijing established common sense property office, through one years time of collected query Hou found, in China market Shang has 60 home in publicity Shi known as from Italy of "pseudo Italy brand", from 2011 second half of beginning, the institutions has to China country common sense property Council submitted has 3 batch total 30 a "pseudo Italy brand" list, inside on include has many was skewers identity of home brand.
&Nbsp;   for example, like Saab SABO kitchen, product pass card Shang printing has "Italy SABO Saab career kitchen limited", and "SABO Saab (China) career kitchen limited", words, by Italy foreign commercial Committee query Hou found, in China and Italy of trademark query system in are no produced kitchen of "Saab" trademark registered records, its publicity Shi said of China company but is a operation subject name for " Chaozhou fengxi Saab kitchenware gifts distribution "of individual households, the address appears as" Maple road, Chaozhou city, Guangdong Province, block 304, No. 482, Golden City ".
&Nbsp;   certainly not only pointed this a brand, and as JAJEMON Ka jiameng home spinning, it of public information displayed, "JAJEMON Ka added dream" trademark Department in China registered, it of company locations to for Italy Florence city buaozi road 2nd, 5014 room, Italy foreign commercial Committee query Hou found, the address does not exists, the brand real of operators for Shanghai home Lee bedding limited; to game Asia ISAIAH, playing with " Italy "banner the main mattress products, with" effect "concept popular, Italy enquiries on foreign trade showed that it actually is a company started in Taiwan, production site in Dongguan, Guangdong enterprises.
&Nbsp;   We feel free to stroll in the domestic market are often found wearing ' Italy ' coats brands there are many. These business practices allegedly false propaganda, is dishonest trade practices, we should actively boycott. BACK