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Mahogany office furniture to lead Chinese retro style

&Nbsp;   It is well known that in classical Chinese furniture, mahogany furniture is the most representative, and is deep and the traditional Chinese culture, Suzhou mahogany office furniture because of its precious materials and born with a natural and spiritual, in the hands of skilled master craftsmen were given historical charm and artistic charm.
&Nbsp;   now favor of mahogany furniture fashion young white-collar workers, while enjoying fast-paced life, also needs to go through an elegant, taste a temperament; mahogany furniture with its everlasting elegance meets fashion, for the House to add a natural aura and historical charm. Is liked by a lot of owners are far more return to restore the feeling of mahogany furniture, such as the plain wooden rocking chair, so that the original natural wood color to show, in their small gardens do not have a lasting appeal. Such as rosewood dining table, all formed by the mahogany piece, stick more retro feel close to nature.
&Nbsp;   with mahogany furniture and materials needed more and more scarce and precious, Redwood prices are also soaring. Mahogany furniture in the market at present, rosewood, pear, almost vanished, and flows in mahogany in the market is the most upscale of rosewood furniture dark rosewood furniture, especially top-black rosewood, is comparable to rosewood, pear. However, with the increase of people's income and the improvement of people's cultural taste, more and more people purchase and collection of mahogany furniture, some people value its preservation and appreciation. Of mahogany furniture is, of course, part of the staffing values of primitive simplicity, elegance, natural character set off a wave of Chinese-style retro.
&Nbsp;   mahogany furniture placed in the Interior of the location should be away from the door, window, ventilation air flow strong parts, let alone by the rays of the Sun. Mahogany furniture is suitable environmental conditions temperature 25℃, humidity 55%~75%. Under such conditions, small wood shrinkage, high durability of paints, furniture, good dimensional stability. BACK