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To find a green office furniture partners

&Nbsp;   a normal office worker, 24 hours a day, for about 10 hours in the company! Office no doubt became the second home of Office. Some girls like to decorate their desks are very beautiful and unique. Certainly put on the table a few bonsai is essential. Suzhou office furniture Sen bit below to tell you what should I put in the Office plants, plants, plants better!
&Nbsp;   in General, identify plant varieties, sizes and strategically located, they should be according to the actual situation of the Office. First of all we have to look at where plants cannot be placed. First table because most people would not be very large, very little is put on the table, a lot of people put plant behind the computer, in fact, it is a very wrong idea. The back of the computer is the biggest local radiation will kill the growth of plant cells, leading to plant death, so plant away from the computer as possible. Second, some large plants do not place people walk places, if often in a clean hit the plant, will also lead to the death of plants. Finally do not place plants in the Office for many years light dark corners, which affects the metabolism of plants, plants breathe, are best placed to get the Sun irradiation, airiness place, also, remember not to water once a week.
&Nbsp;   so, what plants can be purchased in our Office to dress up. We have an example in the South. Bonsai fit on the table: small green, Chlorophytum, asparagus, small cacti, mother-in-law, etc. Fit in the corner of the large plants are: Golden Heart horse iron pillar in the West, prosperity bamboo cages, green column, Dragon's blood tree, Palm, trees, cycads, and so on. These plants are not only beautiful, but no fragrance, and likely to survive, it is suitable for farming in the Office. BACK