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Wooden office furniture and crack prevention methods

&Nbsp;   solid wood office furniture fear most is broke, but it is also a common solid wood furniture. Therefore, in order to protect the wood furniture, we placed in the table, the methods used, maintenance techniques should pay attention. Home furniture to avoid direct exposure to bright light, do not place in the Sun will burst shooting place. When using heating equipment such as heating, fireplace, winter never aimed at furniture in case
&Nbsp;   Suzhou office furniture fading craze. Second, to maintain good indoor ventilation, drying, don't let the wooden furniture always in a humid environment, so as to avoid moldy furniture. If it is unusually dry, you can give furniture a little sprinkle some water to prevent warping cracking.
&Nbsp;   cleaning and maintenance do not use rough and sharp objects or strong acids, strong alkali liquid contact, such as wooden furniture. Solid wood furniture lacquer table not heat, if filled with hot water pot, paint on wood furniture, tea pot, and tables have to be hurt. If you have this problem, then we can use the rubbing alcohol, we could use a touch of alcohol cloth to wipe paint damage, make the scars less visible, but this method can only be used once. If such misfortune, it is best to paint the table. BACK