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Office furniture four developing trends

&Nbsp;   do you think blind eye most of the Office furniture, but also line varied, colorful, and full of personality and art, completely clear of traditional office furniture concepts? in the current exhibition, eclectic office space feels like walking into the style of the home space, relaxed, casual, personalized, comfortable everywhere.
&Nbsp;   bright orange-red, green, yellow, bright, bright colors such as purple, recreation area can be seen everywhere in the Office environment, full of passion and taste of fashion. Style of the theme design is catching up with household furniture, journalists this year also found that many Office furniture lines, stripes, octagonal pavilion, and Chinese elements into the modern design, which is more in line with modern life and aesthetic needs. Wing Yip this year's new "rhyme" series, from the head table, meeting table, sofa, coffee table, are made of a deformation, recyclable, more environmentally friendly "bamboo wood", simple picket lines, creating one Office mood. Another "melts" series Windows Chinese carved compared with the simple solid wood in the shape of the actual situation, full of charm of Chinese Freehand. Gabriel instrument designed to calm atmosphere Black Executive desk, boxy Cabinet into a "seal" strong tough yet elegant; there will also be Italy architects airplane Wing-like series, a bold design of arc-shaped, oval, all straight line furniture machine. This type of office furniture full of stylized, are quietly changing the impression of space rigid, strict, trying to give people more freedom and inspiration in the workplace.
&Nbsp;   trend 2: intelligent
&Nbsp;   at the current session on the Office show, intelligent design mind blows a brain storm: the touch of a button you can automatically lock all drawers, electronic touch screen control and small office, also can realize the space scene lighting Setup memory controller as well as touch-sensitive pop open Cabinet ... ... This makes modern office life easy and efficient and more humane.
&Nbsp;   "table height can be adjusted freely, slowly lift with remote control instructions, and environment to achieve intelligent room control and remote video conference. "Saint booth, I-WORK head can be controlled by touching the table system," stand "combination model of health work. According to the United States National Cancer Institute survey of nearly 125,000 people, compared with those who sit less than 3 hours a day, those who sit and work more than 6 hours a day shortened life expectancy 37%. In the United States, some well-known companies have started to make employees often use to adjust the high and low tables, it is said that in addition to health, but also improve efficiency. Friends launched a new Office Chair, its automatic elastic lumbar support system can be tailored to the individual size needed, automatically adjusting angle, waist and back of the users get the most comfortable support, it also has a multifunctional electric pen holder, laptop users can be placed in the supporting frame, lay also free Office. At the scene, the reporter found that this type of intelligent design are the $literal, after the mainstream workplace of all ages, such as the "Q-touch" series, human touch and lift audio features at once attracted the attention of many young people.
&Nbsp;   trend 3: modular
&Nbsp;   design office furniture, like the Rubik's cube, you can use a variety of different composition or shape, to local conditions. In this exhibition, the reporter saw many brands of office furniture through universal and modular design of the product to meet consumer demand for changes in color, shape and other personalized, standardizing the Humanized office.
&Nbsp;   for example, titled "Voda Workstation systems", to straight, trapezoid, l-shaped three-panel, with a square steel legs of the table, single board foot, computer cabinets and countertop cabinets, cabinets together five functional modules element to achieve diverse functions, can meet the needs of at least 150. In particular the Office of the recreation area, fresh and bright fabric sofa can be combined freely like a building blocks, a line, a square matrix, or round brackets arranged, so that communication forms a wide variety. According to Wing Yip furniture research and development personnel, the General design of this product, can make different sizes of furniture parts can be substituted for one another, not only to reduce costs, and enhance the flexibility of space and variability, so it can scale customization. Reporters on the scene also found that many of these designs are not limited to a single product, more and more companies began to pay attention to create Office space, carpet, IT equipment, lighting systems, green plants and integration, expression and the science, technology, humanities, art and other cross-border fusion concept. Traditionally, a closed office space for staff to concentrate on work, and open and flexible office environment can bring, such as creativity, knowledge, team spirit and mutual cooperation, and other notable benefits of this type of design can have it both ways.
&Nbsp;   trend 4: low carbon
&Nbsp;   low carbon design Summit Forum held in earlier this year to promote "low carbon" shouting slogans is "Office life", rather than blind emphasis on green, energy-saving, after all, eco-friendly materials also needs to bring people comfort, relaxing experience. From this side, this low carbon design felt suddenly close a lot.
&Nbsp;   flagship product this year of the new century, "Kopf", using innovative TPU material, break through the limitations of traditional hard plastic, malleable poor greatly curved chair back, showing the spirit of the avant-garde dynamic Office; Chair base activity is the most unique flexible and responds very well, also with the ground locks. And go comfortable and fashion route of sky furniture is let people front a bright, its launched of a paragraph class Taiwan base by Apple wood making, surface of skin is is by Japan imports of protein skin making and into, this protein skin of main raw materials is eggs shell, texture, and soft degrees with leather is similar, and price also and leather difference not far, break has environmental furniture for price high and let purchase who daunting of trapped Council. There is another type of wood in the environmental protection material, Yu Tai Lian in the industry for the first time the banner of "wood office furniture" flag, wooden veneering of the so-called to distinguish it from the market "solid wood office furniture." It is reported that the Office furniture made of natural wood to be preserved and drying more than 10 deep processing technology, due to the extensive use of tenon structure, formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gas emissions than sheet metal furniture at least 2/3 above, several times but the price is expensive. BACK